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Sources of information on obstetrical and gynecological questions and healthcare issues.

Medical Facilities

ChesapeakeRegional Chesapeake Regional Medical Center
The region’s first choice for delivering babies. The best choice for interventional cardiology care. And the smart choice in an emergency.
Surgery Center of Chesapeake
An affiliate of Chesapeake General Hospital, the Surgery Center of Chesapeake is equipped with four state-of-the-art operating suites.

Medical Organizations

Mid-Atlantic Women's Care
The official website for Mid-Atlantic Women's Care.

Women’s Health & Wellness

Lupron Depot
Information about the benefits of Lupron Depot in the treatment of endometriosis.
Radiology Resource
Concise, current and accurate information on mammography.
MayoClinic The Mayo Clinic Women's Health Center
This online information source has an extensive women's health section.
National Osteoporosis Foundation
The National Osteoporosis Foundation is a leading resource for up-to-date, medically sound information on the causes, prevention, detection and treatment of osteoporosis.
The North American Menopause Society
News and topics of interest regarding menopause from the North American Menopause Society (NAMS).
PDR Family Guide to Women's Health
This is a highly useful reference work for all aspects of women's health. Topics include reproductive health, cancer, menopause, infertility, prescription drugs, emotional disorders and much more.
WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information.
Linking you to great nutrition, fitness & "foodie" info on the net.
Up to the minute news and features for all Women's Health issues. Their extensive library will be provided by a network of over 20k licensed and practicing physicians with full articles and streaming video.


STORKNET Pregnancy and Parenting Web Station
An informative site that boasts to be the friendliest pregnancy and parenting community online.
STORKNET Due Date Chart
This chart helps you estimate your date of delivery.
Names, Meanings, Celebrity Baby News, Pregnancy and Parenting Information.


A contraceptive injection suited for women who want to postpone pregnancy for more than one year.
The Essure procedure is a non-incisional alternative to surgical tubal ligation, the leading form of birth control worldwide.
IMPLANON™ is a small, thin, implantable hormonal contraceptive that is effective for up to three years.
Mirena® is an estrogen-free intrauterine contraceptive (IUC) for women who are looking for a contraceptive option to help simplify their lives.